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Check out the video below from Jaeson Ma. Jaeson is an artist as well as a key leader for the emerging generation. He has a lot of insight into the spiritual history of Southern California. God has used this region of the world many times to launch major movements and ministries.
Is God taking the Call2all movement to a new level at the Long Beach
Convention Center? 



Winning and Discipling a Generation.

We stand at a critical juncture in our nation’s history. What we do in the next few months and years will determine what the future will look like for our children and grandchildren.

Will they be in “One nation under God” or will we continue to decline into secularism and moral darkness?

Prayer. Evangelism. Discipleship.

This kingdom endeavor rests on these three imperatives. If we miss one of these key ingredients the plan will not reach its potential. That is why we need each other - we all must do our part.

We all must pray · We all must give · We all must serve

Call2All America is working together with many ministries and networks to see the tide turn and once again see God move. Call2All is about all spheres of society and every unreached person everywhere.

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 Discipling Grandview Missouri - Documents 
Neighborhood Centers Part1 (644KB)
Neighborhood Centers Part 2 (2,737KB)
High School Groups (211KB)
Kid's Bible Clubs Manual (1,869KB)

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